Tuesday, 2 August 2011


1 x large inflatable walk-through art installation

2 x small people who were VERY excited to go in the 'bouncy castle' (no! we mustn't jump! it might break!)

4 x ice creams eaten to keep small people (and big people) occupied in the queue (welsh honeycomb, raspberry ripple and chocolate chip were the flavours of choice)

5 x open mouths as we walked into the colours

8 x legs chasing after 2 little legs ("this luminarium is a place of peacefulness and serenity"...ahem)

5 x hot, pink faces with big smiles leaving the luminarium

71 (ish!) minutes in the car to get there. but it was oh so worth it!

1 x small person in tears because we had to leave

The luminarium has now left Lydney unfortunately but info on where it is heading next is available here. If it's coming to a town near you....go! It's amazing, unbelievable, and completely individual! 

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