Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Hoverflies flying in formation around the poppies.

The start of an exciting (and secret..shhh!) project.

Yellow courgettes that I've grown myself, wooo! We ate the first one last night with spaghetti, lemon, ricotta and mint. Deeeelish!

Wiltshire Ripple sweet peas sat by my sink. They look good enough to eat!

Leftover croissants for breakfast. With homemade raspberry jam, ta mum!


  1. The sweetpeas do look good enough to eat! They are my favourite flower but I didn't realise there were such lovely variations. Also, yellow courgettes, they still amuse me every time I see them! X

  2. Your ripple sweetpeas and courgetts look blooming marvellous. I am envying them, as I got to plant neither this year :( Happy growing and eating.


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