Monday, 8 August 2011


What a very happy-making weekend that was. 

Friday was full of speedy train journeys, fields full of cows, picnics in the park, meandering around the local flower show, knobbly veg, oversized veg, beautifully scented roses, patronising judge comment cards on the flower arrangements (always good for a giggle!), brass bands, polkadot horses, local cheese. Oh, and a cow pulling a chariot...(only in Somerset!) Felt like I'd never left.

A birthday meal out with family led to an evening filled with 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue'-esque word puns and cheesy pop acoustic sing-a-longs! Never a dull moment with my brothers!

Picture from here

Saturday brought a big family birthday/travelling/wedding celebration BBQ complete with bunting, balloons, babies, burgers, and BIG rain! (We all huddled in the food tent whilst trying to avoid the drips!) No pics as I left my camera at home...

Sunday was a more sedate affair. Wanderings over local fields and paths that I've walked along since I could toddle. Off to see the new willow cathedral - beautiful!

And then we found a field of barley too...Oh I love and miss Somersetshire!

I can't be too sad though as I have a lovely wedding-anniversary-ful weekend in Dorset to look forward to next weekend...and then the weekend after that I will be sunning myself (fingers crossed!) in Pembrokeshire. I'm envisaging lots of sand between my toes, rock pools to be paddled in, ice creams to be eaten, hundreds (no doubt!) of photos taken, and happy memories made. Bliss! x


  1. Was this at the Taunton flower show? I couldn't go because I was at a wedding. Such a shame I missed that cow....! X

  2. Yes it was - I think I've been pretty much every year since I was a dot! Hope the wedding was lovely! x

  3. Does sound like a terrific weekend. I'm really enjoying a nosy of your photographs, they are marvellous. Its hard for me to choose a favourite.

    PS Sounds like you have a lot of good weekends coming up - hope the weather stays kind for you - its so changeable in Scotland.


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