Sunday, 28 August 2011

Welsh wanderings

We're just back from a week of Welsh wanderings. A week of wildlife, beaches, family, good food and relaxation. Remind me again why I had to come home?!

7.24am looking out across the bay from the house. Beautiful.
The nerdy bird spotter in me was very excited when 3 buzzards began circling the house!

Our local bovine neighbours were very inquisitive!

Rummaging in rock pools is always fun, no matter how old you are!
 We scrambled down the cliffs at Marloes beach to find a swathe of emerging sand and rocks. The rock formations are amazing, so many different textures. My dad (a geologist graduate!) took great delight in explaining how they were all formed.

We took a boat trip across to Skomer Island, keeping our fingers crossed that it didn't rain on us! But the weather gods were looking favourably on us and we were treated to glorious sunshine! The island is just beautiful - turquoise seas, amethyst colour heather and canary yellow lichen. And lots and lots of very sweet looking rabbits! 

Can you spot the seal?!

Pembroke Castle was another stop off on our tour of Pembrokeshire (we holidayed here a lot as children so lots of the places we went to hold happy memories!)

Very high up!!
Whitesands: Love the sparkly sea.

So nice to spend a week with my family - we're so spread out around the UK now it's quite a treat to be altogether! I can't look back on our holiday without smiling - silly games, impromptu music sessions (complete with shoe 'drums' and tuned beer bottles!) and lots of time to read the stack of books we took with us! (For any bookworms reading this, our reading choices included Agatha Christie, Tom Holt, Joe Abercrombie, Scarlett Thomas, Alexander McCall Smith, Emma Donoghue and A.S.Byatt). Lovely stuff.

I wonder where we can head on holiday next?!

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