Tuesday, 2 August 2011


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I've decided. I need more words in my life. As I was writing a rather cross letter to a well-known clothes retailer the other day (re. the curious incident of the dress that refuses to iron) I realised I was actually enjoying writing it. Enjoying crafting it, deciding which words to use, and then changing it all umpteen million times until I'm happy with it. As much as I don't want to have to repeat all the essays I slaved over whilst being an English Literature student, a small part of me yearns for the excuse to write again.

 I realised that I don't get to write anymore. Of course, I get to write a lot of words as part of my job, but they're school reports, lesson plans, handwriting policies...not the type of creative outlet my brain is looking for. 

My mum/husband/best friends are always telling me I should write a book. A children's book. And do the illustrations too. I would LOVE to do that. But for now, I will use this blog as an escape. A place for my words to escape. That sounds good. 

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