Thursday, 1 September 2011

September Plans

How is it September already?! One minute it was July and then a blink of an eye later, it's nearly Autumn! Waaaah!

My head is so full of ideas whizzing around, I thought I'd compile myself a list of things to try and achieve in the next month...

  • Make a new batch of red onion marmalade, as we are (eek!) nearly at the end of our last jar!
  • Find some new batch cooking recipes to try out. (We are big fans of batch cooking during term time as it requires no brain power at the end of a long day!) Suggestions welcome!
  • Visit Upton House and Gardens (it's been on my day out wish list for a while!) I want to go and coo over the kitchen garden!
  • Speaking of gardens, I need to plant Swiss Chard, Spinach and more salad leaves. 
  • Go searching for sloes and bung them all in the freezer 'til I can make gin! 
  • Hunt down this book in my local library and read it - I find I forget to read during term time - I get to bed and it's Zzzzzz before I even pick up my book! 
My life is ruled by lists - lists of jobs to do at work, lists of food we need to buy, lists of housework that need doing...it's quite nice to have a list of lovely things once in a while :)