Sunday, 16 September 2012

4 months

 Dear Baby I,

Today you are 4 months old. One third of a year. 124 days. It feels like we've only known you for a split second, but also that you've always been here. Our little packet of baby.

Working the parachute pant look...!

 At 4 months, you are...
...smiling at the faces that you know (and even those that you don't, you little charmer!) The best smiles of the day are always first thing in the morning. It's a good start to the day.
...burbling away in your own little language - aguuu, giving yourself a bubbly beard and little baby sighs seem to be your favourite sounds at the moment.
...kicking your legs. It's no wonder you have to sleep a lot, the amount you wriggle around. Kicking in the bath always makes you smile, as does kicking your legs when you have some (danger! danger!) nappy free time.
...sucking your thumb. You've been doing this since you were about 4 weeks old. Currently, the left thumb tastes best.
...chewing anything you can get your hands on - toys/car seat straps/mummy's arm/daddy's hand/blanket. Your gums are getting rather hard and you've been grinding your jaw...uh oh! Teeth!
...getting heavier and longer every day. You're about 65cm long now and I'm betting on you being 13lb 5oz when we get you weighed tomorrow.
...getting oh so strong. You've got less of a marionette head wobble going on now and your current favourite trick is to launch yourself backwards when you're being held whilst crying. You like standing up in short bursts, but then you get jelly legs again and flop back down.
...rocking the washable nappies now that your thighs have chunked up a bit!
...getting much stronger at pushing your head up when you're on your front. And then you flop and lie there sucking your thumb. You'll get there I'm sure!
...perfecting the bottom lip tremble that means that we will do anything we can to make you smile again. I'm sure that bottom lip pout will be used to good effect when we hit toddlerdom.
...oh so close to giving us a giggle - we're settling for the open mouthed 'ha!' at the moment!

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