Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ludlow Food Festival

I'm a bit of a food lover. I don't just love eating it (although that's the best bit, surely?!), I love the whole cookery process - planning what to eat, wandering round the supermarket (or sometimes madly dashing whilst trying to pacify a crying baby...), trying out new ingredients, and watching other people enjoy what I've made.

Today we went to the Ludlow Food Festival and I could indulge the foodie in me...big time. As we walked through the market square into the castle grounds, we were following our noses - sausages sizzling, ready to be put in a bun and smothered in ketchup. Paper thin crepes drenched in lemon juice and sugar. Pig roast, meltingly tender, with crunchy crackling and chunky apple sauce. Too much choice! You know that thing about not going to the supermarket when you're hungry? Yeah... don't arrive at a food festival when it's lunchtime and you haven't eaten since you got up with the baby at 7am. We dithered and we dallied, until finally joining the long queue for the pig roast - everyone else having made the same choice as us! I wolfed mine down in a most unladylike manner, ending up with greasy fingers but a very contented smile! Ahhh, the sun was shining, the baby was snoozing on my front, and I was full of good food...the stress of finding a parking space had been worth it!

On entering the main marquee, we were hit by the sweet tang of cider in the air. Unfortunately, breastfeeding and pints of beer don't mix, otherwise I definitely would've been tasting what the local breweries had to offer! I instead settled for an apple, raspberry and mint juice which was refreshingly cool - much needed in a hot, busy tent when you've got a hot water bottle/baby strapped to your front. We wandered around the different stalls eyeing up smoked cheeses, beautifully decorated chocolates (that's them there in the photo...oh my!), huge slabs of cake and punnets of ripe fruit. I loved the look of the handmade butter, and the butter and whey in the churn. Honeycomb ice-cream, from a local ice-cream maker, was deliciously smooth and crunchy in equal measure.

The food festival, although having its main base in the grounds of the castle, spreads across the rest of the town. There are popular sausage, ale and bread trails (maybe next year!) that you can pay to try, and many other stalls dotted through the narrow lanes. I love the restrained splendour of Ludlow. It's full of beautiful Georgian houses with wonky 12 pane windows, Tudor wooden framed black and white buildings and the wonderfully vintage looking shop fronts such as the butchers and the bakers on the market square, yet it feels so unassuming. I definitely need to explore it some more.

I'll definitely head back to the festival next year...but perhaps on the Sunday when it's a little quieter (so I can elbow my way towards the food samples a little more easily!)

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  1. Oh I am so jealous that you went to the Ludlow Food Festival. Moving to Wales this was goign to be on my hit lst this year, but it was not to be. Maybe next year. Fab pictures.


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