Friday, 7 September 2012


It's very odd going from a job that keeps you busybusybusy with numerous tasks to do to being at home with baby - still busybusybusy with lots to do, but busy in a very different way. I've decided to make myself a list of 'tasks' each month. A list of craft projects that remain unfinished, books that need to be read, places to be visited and food to try cooking. I'm hoping that it will focus me on attempting some of them in the evenings, instead of flopping on the sofa. (I'll still do that a bit though, sometimes it's just necessary!)

  • Sort out my 600+ photos from holiday. Done!
  • Finish my labour blanket - so called because I started it the day before I went into labour, and carried on with it between contractions! (Mad!) Unfortunately it hasn't been touched since!
  • Make a dress for baby girl - I've got the fabric, the pattern, the baby to wear it...just haven't done the hard bit yet!
  • Make red onion marmalade - this was on last year's September list, whoops! I want to give some if it away as Christmas presents, and it's always best when it's left for a few months before eating so I need to get a wriggle on.
  • Dribble bibs - Baby I seems to be a bit of a dribble machine at the moment, and I'm bored of all the cutesy pastel bibs so I want to make some out of bright, patterned fabric...she'll be the envy of all her baby chums!
  • Visit Ludlow for the Food Festival. I've wanted to go to this for a few years. My Grandma used to live in Ludlow and we visited all her old haunts in the Spring when I was heavily pregnant. I'm looking forward to going back in a less waddley state and being able to show Baby where her Great Great Great Grandad lived, and where her Great Grandma used to buy her sweets! 

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