Wednesday, 17 October 2012

5 months

Dear Baby I,

Yesterday you were 5 months old. You are growing by the day. Some mornings I wake up and your face has changed overnight. There are definitely folds on your beautifully chubby baby legs that weren't there last week.

10.13pm last night. Sleeping Beauty.

At 5 months you are...

...laughing with a cheeky grin on your face. Favourite reasons to laugh include silly dancing, playing peek-a-boo, and going flying.
...rolling from front to back. You have yet to gain any real control over this or to use it for any purpose - when it happens you lie there with a confused look on your face as if to say 'how did I get here?!' It's still very clever though.
...13lb 14oz. I was very impressed with my babyestimating skills when I predicted that was how heavy you were going to be before we put you on the scales!
...perfecting the dinosaur impressions. It's an impressively loud growly roar that's often accompanied by some raspberries. It's a good combination. It's the type of noise that makes old ladies turn round in horror in the charity shops.
...loving the swimming pool. You spend a few minutes taking all the sounds and sights of the swimming pool in, and then you love to kick your legs, and put your hands in the water. You don't like it so much when you splash water in your face.
...still chewing everything going - but now you have 2 teeth to chew with! The bottom right tooth appeared on September 20th, swiftly followed by the bottom left tooth on September 23rd. Towelling, Sophie the giraffe, and my fingers seem to be the favourite things to bite at the moment. Luckily you haven't bitten me while feeding (long may that continue!)
...finding your feet. Your favourite pose when lying down is feet in the air with hands grabbing at socks. You haven't really mastered pulling your socks off, but I'm sure you'll get there!


  1. Such a lovely post and what a little cutie! x

  2. What a dotie little one! I'm looking for a Sophie myself, can ask where you purchased? *waves hello* Hazel x


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