Sunday, 14 October 2012

A happy sunday

Today has been one of those lovely, relaxed Sundays. With my brother popping round at 11.30am, brunch seemed to be in order. Inspired by Littlegreenshed's recent post about eating oeuf en cocotte, and seeing Rachel Khoo cooking them on Saturday Kitchen, I raided the supermarket and set to work. After a quick search online, I settled for this Martha Stewart recipe as the idea of bacon alongside the baked egg and toasty bread sounded a sure-fire winner.

With my brother employed to rolling-pin the bread - a highly satisfying job so I'm told - and R jiggling the baby, these were so quick to make. Definitely a recipe to be repeated as they tasted oh so good!

When planning brunch, we may have gone slightly overboard. I'd come across this recipe for French brioche toast with blueberry compote when trying to find a way to use up some slightly past their best blueberries I found lurking in the back of the fridge. Ever since reading about the brioche toast, I'd been wanting to try it out and a lazy Sunday brunch seemed the perfect opportunity.

Feeling pleasingly full, we decided to head out into the crisp sunshine to try and burn off some of the the butter calories we'd just eaten! After a crunchy frost this morning, I was hoping to try and pick some sloes on our wanderings, but there were none to be had. (I found one! Not much gin making is going to happen with that!) We did find bramble branches laden with blackberries so came back with a good haul, plus some rosehips for good measure.

I've just been looking through my River Cottage Preserves book to try and decide what I'm going to make with my spoils - rosehip and apple jelly looks good, as does the blackberry vinegar. We've got lots of quinces growing in the garden at the moment too, so I'm considering making the quince cheese, or the quince and apple sauce. Decisions decisions!


  1. oh these ouef en cocotte (yes, I had to copy & paste that!) look amazing, I must try them sometime!!

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog - your email address wasn't visible so that I could reply directly.

  2. The Ouef en Cocettes look delish! Lovely blog.

  3. Scrum! How totally gorgeous...and mouth watering. I have a craving for french toast now.

    Nina x


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