Monday, 8 October 2012

Baby Blanket...ta dah!

Some sewing projects are started because you are inspired by something you see, some because you want to create something to make others smile, some because, well, you're 9+ months pregnant, fat and waddly, very fed up and need something to keep you busy!

I started this blanket nearly 5 months ago. Two days before Baby I was born. While I was on maternity leave, I'd made a list of sewing projects I wanted to get done before my due date. But then my due date came and went, all my crafting was complete...but still no baby. So I decided to sew a blanket.

I started it on the Monday afternoon. Choosing the fabric/cutting the pieces/deciding where each square should go - I'd barely done any sewing by the time R got home from work. In my hormone-fuelled pregnancy-addled state, I decided not to finish the blanket that evening. (My thinking being that if I didn't finish the blanket, I would definitely go into labour the next day thus forever leaving the blanket incomplete...yes, mad I know!).

Well there was obviously something in my strange superstitions as sure enough, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, labour kicked off! The blanket proved to be a good distraction while I laboured at home - pedal down on the sewing machine - vrooooom - quick jump up for a contraction - back to the sewing machine to get that seam finished. Not a labour technique recommended in any book I've read, but it gave me something to focus on!

The blanket remained in a half finished state until a few weeks ago when I decided I really must finish it so that Baby I actually gets some use out of it while she's still teenyweeny. A few evening's work later and it was finally done. (As R said, *bad joke alert* it was a real labour of love. Urgh, sorry!)

It's only a small blanket (it's the first I've ever made so I thought I wouldn't give myself too much of a challenge!) but it's the perfect size for covering up baby toes in the pram! According to Baby I, it's pretty tasty too.

The fabrics I used are:

Raindrops Yellow // Green Medallions // Chevron // 


  1. It is gorgeous! What wonderful fabrics (especially the bee). I love that you were making it whilst in labour. That really makes me laugh, a truly impressive feat. - Annie

  2. This looks fab, love the fabrics. You're making me wish I could sew! Love the food blogs too - will be checking regularly for inspiration. Andrea


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