Saturday, 13 October 2012


We've needed to take life at a slower pace this week. After a weekend of very early starts (the baby decided that 4am was a perfect time to start the day...5 days in a row. Urghhhh) and lots of snuffles, I've felt the need to hibernate a little. We've still been out and about - rummaging in the charity shops, enjoying splashing in the swimming pool, and singing the grand old duke of york for the umpteenth time at the music session at the local library, but we've also enjoyed spending a bit of restorative time at home. There's been cake (I have a new favourite recipe), cups of tea, pottering while the baby naps and catching up on some TV (GBBO and The Paradise are current favourites).

(I realise this paints a very idealised view of spending time at home with the baby - we've also had plenty of crying, a morning of Baby I being 'the incredible un-put-downable baby, and more rivers of snot and dribble than I can believe one tiny person can create. So you see, not all lovely!!)

The weather this week has encouraged us to cosy up at home - bleak, grey skies, and rainstorms that hurl themselves down without warning.

Oh, those hands! So munchable.

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