Saturday, 17 November 2012

6 months

Dear Baby I,

Oh wow. 6 months! How did we get to half a year old already?! You're rapidly turning into a little girl instead of my tiny baby.

At 6 months you are...

...sitting up! You're still a bit wobbly, especially if you're tired, and you have yet to master sitting and turning to look at someone (that generally results in a faceplant...) but you're so enjoying this new viewpoint on the world.

...more and more inquisitive. You can spend forever fiddling with something - turning it over and over, giving it a scrunch, tasting it, flapping it about - the list goes on! Current favourites in the past few weeks have been the sensory bottles I've made, jingle bells at one of our baby groups, sheer purple fabric, and the silver packaging grandma's parcel came wrapped in!

...hair puller extraordinaire/neck grabber. I'm surprised I'm not bald at the temples and the nape of my neck from all the hair grabbing going on around here. And clutching at my neck with those teeny baby nails - ow! It's all very sweet when you snuggle into me when you're sleepy...but here, have a blanket to clutch instead of me!

...trying out some pilates...well, not really. But you are starting to lift your head off the ground, whilst lifting your legs - good core strength there! I'm assuming this is you trying to sit up on your own?

...ready for food. That's the excitement for this morning - I'm envisaging a baby covered in sweet potato by about 11 o clock!

...making lots of funny facial expressions. Sucking on your bottom lip, making a beaky mouth, and giving a proper pout are all regular Baby I faces at the moment. And each has a particular sound that goes with it - I'm guessing this is the start of speech?

Although there's part of me that misses that tiny, scrunched up newborn phase, I'm so excited about the coming months. You're learning so quickly at the moment. You amaze me every day.

(Oh and I seem to remember writing last month that you hadn't quite mastered pulling socks off yet. Yeah, you can do that now... suffice to say, your socks tend to be a bit soggy on the ends and given half a chance, you wouldn't be wearing any. Monkey).

As I wrote this last night, Children in Need was on the TV. I've watched the shows for the past few years, but this year, watching as a mum, it seemed especially poignant and heartbreaking. I realise how bloody lucky I am to have a healthy, happy baby. To donate to Children in Need, click here.

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous post. And what a honey. x


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