Tuesday, 20 November 2012

First forays into food

We've jumped straight in to this weaning malarkey and on the menu this week have been sweet potato, melon, apple, pear, and butternut squash, with varying degrees of success and popularity.

She mostly just splats it all onto the highchair tray, wiping it on every available surface (I found apple smeared in her ear earlier on...) and generally not putting it in her mouth. 

The few bits that have ended up being swallowed have resulted in the funniest whole body shivers/judders/shudders I've seen. It must be such an odd sensation to feel solid food instead of milk so I can't blame her really.

We're going for the baby led approach of putting the food in front of her, and letting her dictate how much she will eat. This seems a very natural way to progress to solid food for babies that are breastfed on demand as they have always been able to self-regulate their food intake. We've given her a few purees too - loaded up the spoon, tipped some out onto the tray and then let her take over. She seems very against being spoon fed so hopefully the baby-led method of weaning will work well for her.

Oh and that thing of taking hundreds of photos of your baby's face covered in food? Yeah, that.

I've felt weirdly emotional about starting the whole weaning process. It seems such a big step. For the past 15 months, I've been able to give her everything she needs in order to grow and be healthy. This is by no means the end of her being breastfed - I have no plans to stop now and will continue until the time is right - but this feeling that my baby now needs more than I can give her is a funny one to get used to. These are her first few tentative steps (figuratively speaking...we're not that advanced!) away from me and towards independence. 

It's all exciting though. Messy, but exciting!


  1. Love the pic! Reminding me what an exciting but messy time weaning is. Remember some of the bizarre combinations my daughter liked - beetroot and pear was a favourite at one point.

    1. Oh yes, I'm just discovering the mess (and fearing for our newly painted walls!) I can imagine that beetroot was at the top of the mess-stakes!

  2. Ah, weaning...such a messy time, but great to see the bubba enjoying tastes and textures. Don't worry about how much goes in; I heard a great phrase when my littlest was starting on solids - 'Until one, it's just for fun.' Blueberries are great for their fine motor skills! Thanks for finding and following my blog! Rachel x

    1. That's a good mantra, thank you! Blueberries sound good fun too - she'll be chasing them round the highchair tray! Realised I followed you on Pinterest but not your blog - so I've righted that now!


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