Wednesday, 7 November 2012


A slight delay to November's list post, caused by a happy week staying with the parentals in the West Country, but I've finally sat down in front of the computer.

October has been a month of tiredness.

Any sort of pattern or night time routine that we had been used to went out of the window. We've had lots of 'It's 4 a.m, that must be a good time to start the day?', a smattering of 'It's 3 a.m. Let's get up and play for an hour!', and a sprinkling of "I don't know what time it is, but I'm going to wake up LOTS!' Zzzzzzzzzz.

Anyway, I think (touch wood...) that we might be out of the worst of it now and we might get back to a relative state of normality soon. (Normal?! What's normal?!)

Suffice to say, my evenings of productivity have fallen by the wayside somewhat. Early starts and a fractious, teething baby led me to give in to the sofa's cuddly armed advances more than usual. Fingers crossed I can claim some evenings back and get going on some Christmas crafting before December is upon us.

Here's my October list:

  • Make a texture book full of different fabrics for Baby I as she is loving scratching at everything (mama included...) with her teeny nails - the fabric is washed and cut, the ribbon is chosen...it just needs a quick whizz round on the sewing machine. I'll add it to November's list!
  • Take Baby I swimming regularly Done! Well, doing! We've been going to a Parent and Toddler session at our local swimming pool, and apart from the odd occasion when the water has been a little on the chilly side, I have a very happy, splashy baby on my hands.
  • Go shopping in Bristol and explore the little shops in Clifton Done! A very happy day trip indeed - see here.
  • Buy a highchair in readiness for the messy delights of baby led weaning. Off to IKEA we go! Done! We went to Ikea intending to just buy a highchair...we came away with a car load. Whoops! 
  • Finish reading this book Done! Really interesting, and felt good to give my brain a workout by reading something more taxing than Grazia!
  • Start collecting objects for a baby treasure basket This is an ongoing task, but I've started collecting a few items together. Must keep going!
  • Rifle through my mum's recipe collection in order to make these - haven't managed this yet. It may have to be a December task.

So, November:
  • FINALLY get round to sewing that texture book!
  • Try out some new soup recipes from my River Cottage Veg book. I'm hoping to stock up the freezer with some easy, hot lunches.
  • Visit Jamie's Italian in Birmingham.
  • Take a trip to the newly opened Whole Foods market in Cheltenham. 
  • Get going with weaning, as baby is 6 months in just over a week. Where has that time gone? 
  • Make some dough tree decorations - some to keep, and some to give as presents. I'm liking the look of this recipe.
  • Design some Christmas cards to make/sew/paint - I'm thinking this will require some serious 'pinning' as research...


  1. Only just discovered your blog via Bradshaw & Sons - really enjoying it, need to have a good read later. And great name, I love the opening to 'I Capture the Castle', its one of my favourite books.

  2. November is always a killer with sick-bugs and clocks going back and cold weather - it all feels tiring! i love your list and it looks like you're accomplishing lots of it. i write endless to do lists! The River Cottage cookbooks are great. i'm hoping to do some salt dough decorations and make christmas cards. will probably blog on them. let me know if you get any good inspiration. Going to see the film 'I Capture the Castle' on the Southbank was one of my husband and my first dates :)

    1. I've never actually seen the film - must add it to my lovefilm list! I'll keep an eye out on your blog for christmas cards and salt dough then :) I've always been a list writer - even more so post-baby, for fear of forgetting important things I need to do!


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