Sunday, 16 December 2012

7 months

Dear Baby I,

7 months! You are now closer to being a 1 year old than to that tiny, squawking baby we first met in May. What a scary thought! Although, it doesn't surprise me. Every morning you wake up being able to do something new or different.

not in focus, but I just love the expression on that little face.

At 7 months you are...

...crinkling up your nose in amusement at everyone and everything around you.
...so happy to be sitting up, looking around and being able to grab toys/clothes/my hair/my face (ow!).
...slowly but surely getting used to new tastes and textures. Your first adventures in food have been delayed a little after you caught a sick bug, but you're back in that high chair now, mushing food once more!
...waving greetings to all and sundry - whether they are people, books, the tv etc etc!
...laughing, so much! Everything makes you giggle - tickling your tummy/making silly noises/dancing in the kitchen. It's one of my favourite noises to hear.
...loving books. (This makes me SO happy!) You'll choose books over other toys, and will sit 'reading' it to yourself, fiddling with the pages and trying to chew the cover. Going to the library has become a regular part of our week, and I'm loving cuddling up to read story and seeing your face full of happiness and enjoyment.

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