Sunday, 23 December 2012

Alternative Christmas Pudding

I'm not a big fan of Christmas pud, so when faced with the task of providing pudding at our early Christmas dinner with friends, I set about trying to find a suitably festive alternative. After being tempted by a semi-freddo and a chocolate roulade, I eventually settled for Jamie Oliver's winter pudding bombe.

 I had to make a few tweaks to the ingredient list after I couldn't get my hands on some of the ingredients - using peach liqueur instead of vin santo dessert wine, glace cherries instead of tinned sour cherries and mixed peel instead of glace clementines. It was still delicious though, and seemed to be a hit with our guests. The fruit and nuts create a beautiful stripe through every slice and the melted chocolate poured over at the last minute freezes solid making a pleasing 'crack' as you cut into it. Definitely a recipe to repeat next Christmas. (And the best bit? We've still got a few slices left in the freezer!)

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