Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas 2012

The tree was decorated, the doors were open on the calendar, and the presents were all finished, wrapped and under the tree. Late on Christmas Eve, we finally collapsed on the sofa with a glass of mulled cider and watched some suitably festive telly (the new Snowman cartoon!) 

The next few days passed by in a blur of good food, spending time with family, rather too many motorway miles for my liking, and one very happy baby who has never before played with so much crinkly paper. We were all thoroughly spoilt with lots of beautiful presents, warmed ourselves in front of a roaring fire whilst catching up with aunties, uncles and cousins, and even managed to get down to the beach which was lovely (albeit grey, rainy and miserable!).
As I look back at the photos I've taken, I see they are mostly of my baby girl - having happy cuddles with her great grandma, gazing in wonder at the lights and sparkly decorations, and enjoying investigating all her new toys. It makes me look forward to next Christmas when she'll have slightly more clue as to what's going on.

1. Handmade decorations (this was meant to be part of my mother-in-law's present, but I couldn't give it away!)
2. Loving the lights.
3. Beautiful Lisa Stickley notecards. LOVE the envelopes!
4. I hope she's always this excited about Christmas.
5. The homemade texture book was a hit (phew!)
6. & 7. One of the highlights of Boxing Day at my mum and dad's - spotting the interlopers in the playmobil nativity! (My youngest brother is 22, but the playmobil characters in their clumsily hand-sewn costumes still come out year after year!)
8. Waving at great-grandma across the Christmas dinner #2 table.
9. Crackers are fascinating.
10. Beautiful sky as we drove to Devon.
11. Snuggled up as we headed beach-wards.

A rather baby-heavy post, whoops! Told you I mostly took photos of her over the past few days!


  1. Lovely pictures. Your Christmas sounds perfect. x

  2. Love a happy baby at Christmas! It all sounds wonderful!


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