Monday, 31 December 2012


Image from here via Pinterest

This year we have the perfect baby-shaped excuse to stay home on new year's eve. I think I'm quite looking forward to it.

I'm thinking me + husband + asleep baby (please?!) + posh m&s food + recorded festive telly = happy new year!

Realistically though, the babe will wake at 10pm and I'll be asleep half an hour later. Rock and roll. Oh well, I'll live vicariously through other people's exciting plans!

How are you celebrating? Will you be joining me on the sofa in front of the tv, or are you dressing up and heading out?


  1. I hear you Momma! It's all rock and roll in this house! Plan is for... Pj's on the couch with the husband and my Dolly (11 year old) my baby boy will sleep from 8.30pm to 2.30am, but if I stay up until midnight then I will only get 2 hours sleep... sigh!! Happy New Year indeed ;)

  2. I'll be in, same as every night! If I stay up til 12 I'll be veeeery tired tomorrow so I probably won't! Hope you have a nice evening


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