Monday, 10 December 2012

This week

 This week...

...I've been out walking a lot with a poorly, grumpy, teething girl. The fact she looks like a little eskimo in her coat cheers me.
...we paused mid-walk as the flood water was still blocking the pathway. All the allotments were flooded and the geese and gulls were having a party!
...I admired the lights in our new library. We spent a happy hour finding new books and reading them on a rocking chair looking out over evening sunset.
...I had a colourful delivery of Christmas decorations. Can't wait to put these on the tree!
...Just look at those cheeks! So smooshable.


  1. Cheeks like that demand to be kissed! Lovely photos x

    1. Thank you. Those cheeks do get showered with kisses aplenty, especially when they're rather pink from ouchy teeth like they are tonight. Boooo. x

  2. Your little sweetie is so cute, despite the teething! Love the baubles too x

    1. Thanks! I'm STILL waiting to put those baubles on the tree - we're away from home at the moment so the tree still isn't up! Soon though, hopefully!x


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