Saturday, 15 December 2012

This week...

This week...

...we've been appreciating hand knitted woolly socks. Brrrr!
...we had a very light dusting of snow. So cold, but beautiful. Purple and green seems to be the theme of my frozen garden!
...Baby I has enjoyed play times with baby pals. Why do they always want what the other baby has?! I fear this is going to continue for many years!
...we admired the live ice sculpting at the local Christmas market whilst listening to brass band Christmas carols.
...tucked up inside here was the best place to be.
(...we cursed my windscreen wipers this week too when they decided to stop working. On the motorway. In heavy rain. Argh! The usual 2 hour journey instead took 5 hours what with waiting for the AA and traffic jams due to a massive hole in the road. But you don't need a photo of that!)

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  1. Love your snowy images. But a big boo to your motorway journey. Happy Weekend! x


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