Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013: Looking Back


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2013 has been good to us. Here's to an even better 2014.

Happy New Year one and all! x

Monday, 30 December 2013

This (Christmas) Week: December #4

1. Tree up and decorated. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
2. A few early presents at Grandma's (aka Christmas dinner #2 of the festive period).
3. Last minute present sewing.
4. And some last minute stocking sewing in the car heading south.
5. Decorating the tree at Grandma and Grandad's - we wait until Christmas Eve and listen to the Carols at Kings while we deck the tree with the random decorations collected over the years. Festive beetle and jewelled dragonfly are the favourites.
6. A festive interloper.
7. Investigating the stocking.
8 & 9. After a Christmas day of rain, the blue skies of Boxing Day let us escape to the park and play.
10. Festive seagull.
11. Splashing in the puddles.
12. Great-Grandma gave the best present - a baby dressed in a hand-knitted outfit. She's very loved.
13. Christmas dinner #4. She'd really got into the swing of it by now and had seconds of Christmas pudding and clotted cream (we were in Devon after all!)

And so we reach the last week of the year. I'm so glad I've kept this photo diary of the past 52 weeks. Capturing the big events of the year, and also the small and seemingly inconsequential moments that make up day-to-day life. It's been a useful, practical way for me to get to grips with shooting photos in manual too - I can see a real change in the composition, focus and lighting in my photos since January. (I took the Capturing Childhood Manual Overdrive course at the start of 2013 - highly recommended if you're wanting to learn more about the photos you take).

Sunday, 29 December 2013


Her favourite present - "bayyybeeee". Her first doll, in Great-Grandma-knitted clothes, with a Grandad-made bed and Grandma-sewn blankets. She's a lucky one.

52 photos for 52 weeks. This project has been exactly as I had hoped back in January: an archive of the transition from babydom to toddlerhood. Marking milestones such as starting to walk and her first birthday, I have loved taking the photos and choosing which to use each week. Looking back at the photos now feels slightly magical - she grows up before my very eyes, exactly as it has been over the past 52 weeks.

Joining in, for the final week of 2013, with Che and Fidel.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Looking angelic, trying on her outfit for the playgroup nativity. (And with a decoration in hand - she so loves that tree).

Joining in with Che and Fidel

Friday, 20 December 2013

This Week: December #3

1 & 2. Saturday was the day of the tree. Choosing it, squeezing it into the car, trying to get it to stand up straight, and then decorating it. She loved helping to hang the decorations.
3. Christmas present cooking - I can't say too much as the recipient may be reading...
4. Self-explanatory. I want to eat this stuff out of the jar with a spoon.
5. Post-nap pink cheeks.
6. She soon perked up. I love this photo, it reminds me of toddler photos of myself when I was her age.
7. A herb and hydrangea wreath now hangs on our door. Read more here.
8. A growth spurt has been going on round these parts I think - those sleeves were never that short before. She'll carry on wearing this cardi as long as possible though, it's so cosy and warm, and I love the collar. Plus it was knitted by her Great-Grandma so is extra special.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Herbs and Hydrangea Wreath - Nature in the Home

A glance out into the garden and you see it's all looking rather tired. Not at all inspiring for wreath-making. That was, until I peered round the corner and saw the sage which is running amok after being transferred from pot to flowerbed this year. The pale green-blue leaves, with their silvery sheen were the brainwave I needed. While little one napped, I ran around the garden, secateurs in hand, snipping at the dried out lavender, the damp hydrangeas, the rosemary and the aforementioned sage.

With no moss packed wired wreath at hand, I made do with an old embroidery hoop. As our front door is quite sheltered, I'm hoping the hoop will still be usable once the wreath is done with. With a few lengths of jewellery wire, cuttings from the garden, branches chopped from the bottom of our Christmas tree, and a cup of tea in hand, I was ready to start.

Unfortunately, my toddler had not received the wreath making memo and woke about 5 minutes after I started attaching the tree cuttings to the hoop. Darn. No bother - a quick cheese on toast and satsuma break later, and I carried on, with crayons and my notebook keeping small hands busy.

Once I'd stuffed as many of the garden snippings as I could fit onto the hoop, it just needed a length of ribbon to hang it over the door and a drawing pin whacked into the back of the door to keep it in place. Finished!

 Joining in with Nature in the Home.

Monday, 16 December 2013

19 months

Dear my favourite girl,

Wow. 19 months already. That feels so grown up but you're still so little really.

At 19 months old you are...

Loving: Teddy AND bunny - they go everywhere with you now, the bubble song at music, tickling mummy, daddy and teddy, having the teddy song and zoom zoom zoom sung to you, twinkle twinkle, timmy time and all sheep (baas), elmo's got the moves, biscuit time at playgroup, cheese, quesedillas, egg mayo sandwiches, satsumas, the twinkly lights on the Christmas tree, putting hats on, reading the elc catalogue, titch, cars, taking washing out of the washing machine, helping to unload the supermarket shop from the pushchair, being mummy's little shadow around the house, taking your clothes out of the drawers, identifying everything as 'mama's', 'dada's' or 'baybeeee's', getting up at 4.30am...

Not liking: Going in the pushchair when you want to walk, having sticky things on your hands, mummy leaving the room, sleeping past 4.30am...

Favourite words: mama, dada, down, deddy, baybeeee, gone, bah (bunny), baa (sheep), brmmm, shoes, keys, cheese, zip, drink, swing, zzzz (bee buzz), raa raa (the noisy lion, but has come to mean all things tv!), round and round, maooo (cow), bubub (bubbles), bang!, ball, bowl, tea, tree, buhbeees (blueberries), dihdih (digger), titch, stih (sticker), nee-nah, train, choochoo, meeoowwww.

Friday, 13 December 2013

This Week: December #2

1 & 2. Kiss for doggy.
3, 4, 5 & 6. Making the most of the winter sunshine. We ignored the list of jobs that needed doing around the house and headed out for a walk.
7. Sunday evening sunset.
8. Serious face, with the ever present duplo in hand.
9. Down dog.
10. Glittered pine cones waiting to be hung on the tree.
11. Opening her first Christmas card of the year. Required much concentration.
12. Shopping while hungry has its perks.
13. Just-waking-up-from-a-surprise-nap face.