Sunday, 6 January 2013


Those big, green eyes watch everything so intently. Inquisitive. I hope she's always like that.

The world and her cat seem to be taking part in the portrait photo series inspired by Che and Fidel...and yup, so am I! 

I was really keen to do some sort of photography challenge this year - and with a sweet-faced model at hand, I think I'll enjoy this one. 

Seeing how she changes over the year. My teeny baby turning into a little girl. Gaining teeth, growing taller, finding her feet.


  1. Hello, hello! What a gorgeous picture, funny how they can do the simplest little things like holding up a bottle but look so beautiful. You're a far better photographer than me. Looking forward to following you and seeing your next portrait. I'm joining in with the 52 project as well, but really I just want to track the little changes in my girls. How old is your little one? :)

    Kate @Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Thank you! She's nearly 8 months now, time flies! I'll keep an eye out for your 52 project photos - it's going to be such a lovely collection at the end of the year.x


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