Wednesday, 16 January 2013

8 months

Dear Baby I,

Today you are 8 months old. That's two thirds of a year. I know that the final third of this year is going to fly by and I will have a one year old on my hands before I know it. You are gaining independence every day and I keep seeing flashes of my future toddler in your face.

At 8 months you are...

...wanting to stand up ALL the time. You're getting stronger and stronger on your feet - less of the wibbly knees that result in a sudden sit down. You love to stand up against the sofa, fiddling with the fabric, revelling in your altered vantage point.
...sleeping (nearly!) all the way through the night. A combination of moving into your own room, starting to have tea, and becoming better at settling yourself to sleep seems to have done the trick. That's not to say we're not sometimes having crappy nights with a miserable, teething baby - but after 7.5 months of at least 3/4 wakings a night, only 1 or 2 is brilliant!
...a 5 toothed babe. Gaining your top two teeth has changed your face so much. That's where the toddler-face comes from I think.
...so happy to be eating. Yoghurt, segments of orange, toast and cucumber seem to be the flavour of the month. 
...starting to strop! Being put in the pram/picked up/put down when you don't want to be? Waaaahhhhh! *tense body and arch back* Waaaaahhhhhh! I fear this is only going to get (much, much...) worse before it gets better!


  1. What a gorgeous girl, and so many teeth! Not surprised teething has been a pain xx

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. 8 months- Wow! Such a little cutie, that little face *smooch*! Such a gorgeous girl Helen x


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