Friday, 11 January 2013

This week - January#2

 This week we have...

...been enjoying playing with new toys. Baby I loves chewing these cups and knocking them over (although you can't tell that from her face!) I love the colours and edging. They brighten up dull January days.
...spent lots of cuddly time with a teething baby. She's smiley here, but has spent a lot of time being not smiley!
...spent grey days walking near our house, just to get out and about.
...HI! Our (my) current favourite library book is Paul Thurlby's Alphabet. I think we need to get our own copy, the illustrations are brilliantly comic and clever. Y for yoga, M for mountain and K for karate are some of my favourites.
...finally taken a photo of one of my favourite buildings. I think it was originally part of a girls' secondary school and has the most beautiful stonework. I love the lettering too. It has a plaque on the side of it that reads "The lyfe so short, the art so long to lern". Wise words indeed.
...walked through the mist to get to the library on a cold Friday morning.


  1. She is a smiley girl! She's looking so different with her new little teeth! x

    1. I know, it really changes her face! I keep getting glimpses of a more toddlery face, argh!x

  2. Beautiful pictures - love the one of her with the book, so sweet and the look of concentration on her face! And you've had a bit of a blog re-design, I like it very much! x

    1. Thanks - it's a bit of a work in progress! I decided it was in need of a bit of a spring clean!x


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