Saturday, 19 January 2013

This week - January#3

 This week we have been...

...taking photos of eggs. Yes, really! I started the Capturing Childhood 'Manual Overdrive' course this week (it's fab!) so I've been getting to grips with functions on my camera that I have previously only guessed at. Luckily I've got a willing model to help me (well, maybe not willing - she doesn't get much choice in it!)
...doing LOTS of standing! She looks too teeny to be standing up at the moment, but it's what she seems to want to do (lots of refusing to sit/lie down by making herself rigid as a board!)
...enjoying the pink fleurs R bought me last weekend.
...laughing with my lovely one. After a few days of teething and grumps, we've had days full of smiles and laughs. I swear I would do anything to make her smile (that includes doing the running man in the kitchen...oh dear!)
...loving seeing the garden come back to life (until it was covered in snow!)
...introducing Baby I to the freezing delights of snow!


  1. Great pics, I need a course like that too. I am very scared if taking manual pics, great results for you steady! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, jxx

  2. Very lovely pics, looks as if you had a great weekend.


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