Saturday, 16 February 2013

9 months

Dear Baby I,

We've reached that tipping point - you've now been in the big, wide world for as long as you were tucked away inside me. Time is flying past so quickly; I sometimes have to remind myself to ensure I'm making the most of my days with you and savouring your baby-ness. As everyone tells me, in a flash it will be gone. But when you're damp from the bath, wrapped in a towel and snuggling into my arms, I can almost imagine you're that tiny newborn once more.

At 9 months, we are having so much fun together. You are...

...chatting all the time. Everything you do has a sweet narration of 'ba ba ba ma ma da, eeeeeee'. Making your tea yesterday evening, I was treated to a constant stream of 'ma ma ma ma ma ma mmmmmm ma ma ma' which makes me oh so happy.
...showing little interest in crawling, instead still favouring standing up by leaning against the sofa or an obliging helper. You've started doing a funny bum wiggle dance while standing which makes you and us laugh! Your daddy went straight to walking, so perhaps you're following in his footsteps (literally...). Saying that, you did start going backwards today, so maybe we will have a crawler soon.
...playing peekaboo. With squares of fleece from your fabric bag/my scarf/bibs/your jumper - anything will do, as long as you can hide away and then laugh at the 'boo!'
... perfecting the head bob. Midway through every meal, you get a sudden burst of energy...aaaaand...nod nod nod nod. All done with your eyes scrunched in smile. You funny girl.
...giving kisses. As wide-mouthed and dribbly as they are, they are still so sweet and I love them.
...clapping! And looking so pleased with yourself when you do it!

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