Friday, 22 February 2013

This week - February#4

1. SUNSHINE! Such a lovely few days of blue skies, crisp mornings and glorious light.
2. Thrifty finds - two huge embroidery rings, and four teeny books. All bought for pennies. I love charity shops.
3. Poorly sausage. A streaming cold turned into bronchiolitis so we've had a very subdued and grouchy baby. I'm looking forward to R being around this weekend so we can share the nose-wiping, baby-cuddling, and medicine-giving duties. (A sneak peek of the scribbled on vests I made this week too!)
4. Caffeine was a necessity.
5. The sunshine disappeared and the icy winds and snow arrived. River Cottage's Curried Red Lentil soup was just what was needed to warm us up.

How has your week been? Any weekend plans? We'll be cosying up at home to get this little one properly better. I'm planning on cooking Jamie Oliver's Thai Chicken Laksa, digging out my sewing machine to make a start on some birthday/Mother's Day projects, and enjoying some quiet family time.


  1. Same here Helen ... woke this morning to two little ones with raging temperatures ... we will be staying in and enjoying cosy time too ... hope your little one is better soon and that you enjoy your weekend ... Bee xx

    1. oh no! Hope your littlies are much better now x

  2. Oh bless her! That picture makes my heart yelp, poor poorly little girl. Hope she's better really, really soon :)

    Hurray for a bit of sunshine. Things seem just a bit lovelier in the sun don't they? Beautiful pictures xx

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Yes sunshine makes everything better! Littley is much better thank you - anti-b's have kicked in and she's a wriggling, giggling machine once more! Woo! x

  3. That sunshine does look nice streaming through the windows, it does make everything feel a little happier doesn't it? I hope your little one feels better soon, it's hard seeing little ones sick. Your soup sounds nice and healthy and warming I really love a good soup. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. x

  4. Gorgeous light in these shots Helen, I especially love the rim of light on the edge of doorway in your second picture. Sorry to hear your little lady has been poorly, hope she is soon on the mend. x

  5. Such beautiful photos! I feel like I am just repeating myself when commenting on your blog, but really all your pictures are lovely!


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