Sunday, 17 March 2013

10 months

Dear Baby,

So...double figures. It seems apt that your number is bigger, as you're looking more grown up by the day, and learning new tricks all the time. Signs of the toddler in you are emerging quickly now, but you still have all your baby sweetness, podgy legs and snuggly cuddles.

At 10 months you are:

...Chatting all the time. I've been trying to keep a record of all your 'words'. Currently, 'mamamama', 'dadadada', 'rararara' 'ah ah ah ah' (combined with waving hands = I want that!), 'hejar' and 'e-tuh e-tuh e-tuh' are your main topics of conversation.

...Pushing yourself up to standing and experimenting with side-stepping your way along the furniture. Eeek!

...Toothier by the day - molars are beginning to make an appearance...unfortunately, much to baby's unhappiness and our lack of sleep.

...Turning everything into scarves and hats. I'm already envisaging the dressing-up box we can create when you're older!

...Gaining an understanding of what's going on around you. Excitement when I open the cupboard where your bowls are kept = food time! Excitement when I put my dressing gown on in the morning = time to go downstairs and play.

...Very mummy focused. My little koala baby. You want to be with me at all times - you squawk if I leave the room, or even, on a bad day, if I turn my back! I have to remind myself that one day, you'll be shrugging off my cuddles, so I'll make the most of them now.

We're now on the countdown to her first birthday party. Aargh! Just a small family do at home in the garden. I've started myself a board on Pinterest so I can collect all my ideas for her party. I'm hoping for sunshine, balloons and happy faces.

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  1. My son is just nine months, and they sound very similar! I love your comparison to a koala - so true !! Xxx


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