Tuesday, 5 March 2013

From grey to glorious: what a difference 4 hours can make

We awoke to a thick blanket of mist, enveloping the horizon and casting a grey glow. We took a walk down to the park, over the river, and across the meadow towards the willow cathedral. We wandered past the hedge layers, past the squirrels, ducks and dog walkers, until we had gone full circle.

As the sun began to appear through the mist, the afternoon became brighter. We ventured out into the garden, enjoying the unfamiliar sensation of warmth on our coat-less skin. Baby laughed and crinkled her eyes as the sun dazzled her and made her hair golden.

I can't wait to spend more time in the garden, just me and her. Enjoying the sun, exploring, discovering new plants, and turning the jungle into a garden suitable for a first birthday party! 


  1. Just how beautiful is the Willow Cathedral? It looks amazing!

    I'm so drawn to the mist, it fascinates me. I live in a village with a river running through so we get a lot of strange waist height mist.

    And an outdoor birthday party sounds like a lot of fun. Hurray for sunshiney days.

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Our weather has been a lot like this lately ... we live beside a lough so mist and fog are a regular feature ... I love watching it burn off as the sun beams down ... love the willow ... so beautiful ... Bee xx

  3. Wow your garden looks absolutely magical. I would love to spend a frosty morning walking around there, great photos!

  4. Such gorgeous pictures, the sun shining down looks so pretty. Im so looking forward to spending some time in the garden too. x

  5. Just having a scroll through your blog...AMAZING photos!

  6. We had a day just like that here recently. The sun was a most welcome surprise. Adorable photos, especially the last :)


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