Thursday, 28 March 2013

Making for Mother's Day

In a fit of madness (or creativity, I'm not sure which) I decided to try and craft all the presents that we give away this year. So far, beaded wire earrings for mum's birthday, a rich fruit cake for dad, a hand-lettered book bag for my sister-in-law, and a lemon curd and blueberry loaf cake for a friend have all been created and seem to have gone down well. I didn't want Mother's Day to be any different, so got searching online for ideas.

I came across this scarf tutorial on The Village Haberdashery's blog and thought it looked beautiful. Gorgeous, light Nana Iro double gauze fabric, bright colours, and pom poms. How can anything that's been be-pommed be bad?! I thought this would be a hit with my fabric-loving mother-in-law so got sewing. It was dead easy to do, and only took about an hour, with baby cuddle intervals! (I know many people would say it was my husband's job to buy his mum a present - he'd normally buy her a bunch of flowers - but we both appreciate her and everything she does, and I enjoyed making it too which was an added bonus!)

The scarf was a hit - and she assures me, was worn constantly on her recent trip to Paris! I love the giving of presents and seeing the recipient's reaction, but knowing that the present is used and loved is the ultimate joy.

I decided to go down the fabric route for my mum's Mother's Day present too. Both her and my dad are a bit bicycle mad (they do have a car, but it doesn't get used much!) so when I saw this fabric in my local upholstery fabric shop, I knew I had to make something for mum with it. (It's Totnes by Ashley Wilde for anyone interested). I was going to wing the bag pattern as usual, but ended up tweaking this free pattern to make the bag big enough to use when out shopping, soft so it can fold up, and gave it handles that can go over your shoulder. I was so pleased with how it turned out, and most importantly, mum loved it too!

I've got lots of 1st birthdays coming up over the next few months, plus a few friend's birthdays so I need to get thinking of more presents to make. Any ideas gratefully received!


  1. Love the idea of making all the presents (although I think Christmas could be a bit of a challenge!) I think there's nothing nicer than receiving a present that has obviously been thought about and made with such care. Well done you! Jane x

  2. Oh my gosh, they both look brilliant! I'd beg thrilled to get these as presents. And knowing they've been made for you just adds to it doesn't it?

    I need to find something to make with the scraps of Argos Baby's special baby gros, this has inspired me to get looking!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. I love all your gifts! What lovely-ness must abound in your home. absolutely wonderfully crafted gifts. Wish I was your sister so I could get some lovely gifts as well. I think I am going to try to make more christmas gifts this year -which means I need to start now. There is a book called the "100 dollar Christmas" and I am always so inspired by it, but always think of gifts too late. Perhaps if I start early this year -well you can tell I feel inspired by your creativity! xo

  4. Great gifts, and I really love that scarf. The bobble trim goes so well with the fabric. x


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