Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Nature in the home

The roses are starting to crumple now. White, pink streaked blooms. Papery petals softening. My Mother's Day flowers from my sweet babe (I'm assured she chose them herself....hmm...).

As I'm a sentimental fool, I wanted to have a photo of these first Mother's Day fleurs. So before they turn brown and drop petals all over the floor, they're my nature in the home post for this week, joining in with Lou and the others.


  1. White with a tiny pink flash. Your wee one has good taste, they're perfect. katie x

  2. Gosh what stunning roses, like they've been splashed with paint. I can't remember my first mothers day flowers how bad is that!!! I'm glad you have a constant memory xx

  3. They are beautiful ... I love the pink edged petals ... very pretty ... Bee xx


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