Monday, 25 March 2013

Sunshine for my ears

While the floor of our dining room was having the old Victorian black varnish sanded off to reveal the warm, honeyed wood beneath, we fled to my mother-in-law's in the next town to avoid the dust. Head down against the biting wind as we walked to the car, and then having to scrape the final piles of snow off the windscreen, I needed something sunny to listen to as we drove.

Lianne La Havas was my pick. I first saw her perform on the Jools Holland show, standing alone, guitar in hand and decked out in a beautiful white dress. A few weeks after Baby was born and we were plunged into a late May heatwave, we would spend the afternoons outside, lying on a rug in the shade of the silver birch tree, listening to Lianne La Havas' album. It conjours up such memories of hazy heat, it was just what was needed today.

If you haven't come across Lianne before, I urge you to take a listen. Feel yourself defrost.

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