Friday, 1 March 2013

This week - March#1

And so it is March. March always seems to creep up and surprise me. It's a good surprise though. I'm mighty fed up with the biting winds and driving rain that have characterised the start of this year. I'm looking forward to more days of cool sunshine, bright blue skies, yellow crowned daffodils, and buds bursting forth. Roll on Spring!

A quiet week this week. Little one was getting over her bug, and I was getting over the disturbed nights! Amazingly, she's slept from 7pm-6am ish for the last 3 days - I like to think it's a reward for getting up in the night so much with her before that! 

1. Pointy toes. 
2. The new obsession: wearing things as scarves. She gets oh so cross when she discovers the flannel is too short to put over her head and round her neck.
3. Standing up is her favourite. She side-stepped her way along the sofa this week. No! Please crawl before you walk!
4. A quiet week at home means good dinners! We're trying out lots of Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals (more like 45 though - 15 to find all the ingredients, 15 to cook it, 15 to clean up!) This was the falafels with charred peppers, and tomato salsa. Face-meltingly good!

Hope you've all got great weekends planned. We're down in Somerset, visiting my mum and dad, and catching up with friends. Lovely. 


  1. Love the pointy toes! Very cute. And she is keen to accessorize at an early age - that bodes well for the future! ;-)

    That falafel looks very good.

    Gillian x

  2. Lovely pics. And I'm a fan of Jamie's 15 minute meal ideas too - but totally agree, they take more several times longer.


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