Saturday, 9 March 2013

This Week: March#2

A busy week...

1. Somerset: A musical weekend with Grandma and Grandad. She loved listening to music in the kitchen with Grandma - arms waving, legs kicking! 
2. Playing Grandma's guitar was a big hit!
3. A freezing cold walk in woods I've visited since I was Baby's age. I loved the colour of this lichen (it actually looks a similar colour to our living room walls!).
4. Trying to encourage this one to crawl. She's so close, but much prefers pushing herself up to standing. Any tips?!
5. Beautiful cherry blossom.
6. Late afternoon Spring sunshine coming through the window.
7. My mum and dad have had this mirror ever since I can remember and it's turned into a bit of a family joke: 'You're looking great today darling!'
8 & 9 & 10. The rest of the week has been filled with Mother's Day sewing and birthday crafting for my sis in law (yes, she's called Helen too!)...all to be revealed soon!

Hope you've all enjoyed the sunshine this week - the weather forecaster has just said we may be getting snow this weekend so it seems Spring may have been short-lived, boooo! And have a very happy Mother's Day!


  1. Beautiful photos Helen ... and those fabrics look very pretty ... looking forward to the reveal ... Bee xx

  2. That mirror is just brilliant! I love it :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. lovely baby hands on the guitar. your photos are beautiful x

  4. Hi there Helen, I just love all of your images. That sunshine coming though the window is amazing! Love that mirror too, everyone should have one of those to look into each day. Its a delight to find you...Rachael xx


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