Friday, 29 March 2013

This Week: March#5

1, 2 & 3. A musical week: jingling, shaking and drumming. I might regret buying that tambourine...
4. A new-to-us blanket for keeping baby toes warm in the snow.
5 & 6. Changing around the kitchen cupboard on a whim - raiding my jar collection, and scribbles with a permanent marker. I now smile every time I open that cupboard. One day, I'll have all the jars out on a shelf, but for now they'll have to stay tucked away.
7. This thyme plant seems to grow an extra inch each day - I think I need to give it a haircut. Through the steamy window was a garden full of snow. A warm kitchen was the best place to be. 
8. We started the week by having our dining room floor sanded - cue Tuesday being spent cleaning every surface in the kitchen that had been covered in wood dust. We love it though so the cleaning was worth it! The floor was obviously victim to some hot coals at some point - that's what those big black dents in the floor are! We've now got to choose tiles for the fireplace hearth - we're erring towards the grey on the left I think.

Hope you've all had a brilliant start to the Bank Holiday weekend. We kicked it off in style this morning with pancakes, bacon and maple syrup at the American diner with the our NCT baby pals! Tomorrow I'll be making a big chocolate cake in preparation for a big family get together in Somerset...and trying to sew a quick Easter bunny for Baby!


  1. Love those jars - really gorgeous.

  2. Brilliant first pic, love a baby grin!

  3. Beautiful picture at the top - also love your writing on the jars! I may have to do this, although I'm sure my writing wouldn't look anywhere near as good!xx

  4. The wooden spoon shot is so sweet! And such a simple way to label jars, but it looks great!!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  5. Love your jars ... what a great idea ... Bee xx

  6. Lovely photos - those jar labels are great!

    My eldest is 6 and I still see my NCT pals all the time. They are friends for life!

    Happy Easter to you xx


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