Wednesday, 17 April 2013

11 months

Dear Baby,

In the past month, you've been a busy, busy baby. Lots to learn, lots to investigate, lots to do. 

At 11 months you are:

...Crawling! At last! You obviously decided that walking while holding our hands was just not enough, and a few weeks ago, coordinated those wonderfully chubby legs and arms and got moving! You are so much happier for it, and now love to zoom off across the room (normally towards the TV box's glowing light/tiny crumbs on the rug/dadd's laptop hiding under the sofa). With your greater independence comes more adventure, but also more risk. You've gained more bumps and bruises over the past 2 weeks than ever before, as you launch yourself around the room, clonking yourself as you go.

...Cruising along the furniture, although you are happiest to do it with one hand on me, and one on the sofa. You're very pleased when you manage pull yourself upright on the chairs/sofa/our legs. You still love to walk around holding on to our hands, and even managed to stand alone for a few seconds the other day. You still need to work on your dismount though!

...A happy, happy girl. After a few weeks of 'orrible colds and roseola, it's lovely to have my cheery girl back. You give us impressively cheesy grins that cause you to scrunch your nose up. It's a happy gurn :)

...Still tooth-tastic. 12 at the last count. Argh!

...Pointing, all the time! Trying to work out what has caught your eye is sometimes tricky, but it tends to be something shiny or bright! Sunlight coming through the curtains, shiny doorknobs and the big tree waving in the wind have all been spotted by you today. You've started to get bossy with the pointing now too - you point at the far-flung toy, point at us, and then back at the toy as if to say "You! Fetch!" 

...Waving hello and goodbye. You now wave when someone is putting their coat on which is very sweet! (Even when you've just had your coat put on, and I'm fetching my coat - no, you don't need to say bye, you're coming with me!)

...Desperate to feed yourself with a spoon or a fork. Mealtimes are messy in our house now! (Not that they were exactly neat and tidy beforehand!)

...Still loving peekaboo, head-bobbing to music, cuddling anything furry, sucking your thumb, tummy tickles, round-and-round-the-garden, twinkle-twinkle-little-star, bananas, anything with a screen.

...Not liking staying still to have your nappy changed, having your face wiped after tea, being on your own, being strapped in the car seat/pushchair when you want to be free! 

I still can't quite get over the fact that the next time I write one of these, I'll have a one year old on my hands. You don't seem old enough to be a whole year yet! Slow down little one!


  1. I love reading these posts! She sounds like a very clever and contented little girl, it's lovely!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Oh thank you :) I'm so glad I started writing these, I love reading them back and seeing how teeny she was (just wish I'd started them from the word go!)


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