Sunday, 28 April 2013

Baby Play: Fabric Texture Bag

Slow seems to be a running theme at the moment. Our bid to give Baby some 'slow' toys (read more here - essentially, toys that try to encourage creativity and stimulate imagination), and slow progress towards making her anything! I seem to be incapable of completing a project quickly at the moment and so have a huge number of projects on the go at once. A few months ago I finally put together the bag of fabrics for Baby. The fabrics had been sat in a pile since last year: collected together, but in need of trimming, hemming and a drawstring bag to keep them in.

I was originally going to put the fabrics in the treasure basket, but quickly realised I was going to run out of space too quickly, so decided to make a separate bag for them. The bag of fabrics is essentially an extension of the texture book I made Baby for Christmas - full of different fabrics, but larger pieces so that she can go underneath them, drape them over her toys, fiddle with the ribbons and wave them around! I'm hoping that by having the fabrics loose in the bag, it can be an ever changing collection: as she gets older, it may contain larger, more solid pieces of fabric for den building, plus a few pegs for keeping the den walls in place, or she may decide to use the fabric as blankets for teddies and dolls.

At the moment, the fabric bag contains a mix of many textures, colours and sizes:

*Minky dot
*Fake fur
*Brushed cotton
* Corduroy

Baby loves to play with the fabrics - in that witching hour between 4-5pm when she's starting to get grouchy, getting out the fabrics and playing peekaboo distracts her enough to keep happy until teatime! The sheer voile is lightweight and great for hiding under, minky dot and fake fur are super soft and cuddly, corduroy is fun to scratch with fingernails and ribbons turn into 'necklaces' (as you can see here!) and get chewed and stroked. I had a bit of a silky label obsession as a child so I'm interested to see whether Baby is going to love fiddling with ribbons too (or whether her obsession will just be accessorising with them!).

Some of the fabrics had to be hemmed (the voile frays a lot so needs a zig-zag stitch along the raw edges), some (such as the fleece and fake fur) don't have fraying edges so can be cut to size, and some pieces were cut carefully from old clothes to preserve the hems (a collar from a turquoise silk shirt that belonged to my mum in the '80s proves very popular!) Making up a fabric bag doesn't need to cost anything or take long to create as it can be made up of things collected from around the house - an old flannel shirt, a large muslin, a woolly scarf and a flannel would all be brilliant, and could be kept in a cloth tote bag, box or basket.

Next up on my list of things to make for her are some sensory squishy bags (like these or these), and a tent as a birthday present for a certain little-girl-that-I-can't-believe-is-nearly-a-year-old! 

What does your little one love to play with? Are there any fabrics or textures that they particularly seem to like? 


  1. We had so much fun with the treasure basket following your post that I can't wait to give this a go!

    Thank you for the great ideas :)

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Oh I'm glad the treasure basket is a hit! Let me know if you try it :) x


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