Saturday, 6 April 2013

This Week: April#1

1. A non-chocolatey present for a certain little person on Easter Day, quickly whipped up on Saturday morning. The yellow one looks rather like a lemon, but they were meant to be eggs really! One is squishy, one jingles and one scrunches. If I remember, I'll write more about them soon.
2 & 3. More music. My auntie had dug out her old LP collection, full of gems such as this!
4. Baby has loved watching the neighbourhood cats in Grandma and Grandad's garden this week - this naughty one likes to come and fish in the pond and have a quick drink! The frogs aren't very impressed, although it hasn't stopped them making lots of frogspawn.
5. A chocolate Easter cake - I used the same BBC Good Food recipe as before, and it's quickly becoming my go-to cake recipe. Very rich, but very more-ish - the left-overs were fought over last week.
6. Watching the starling murmurations - click here to see a few more of my photos.
7. Playing the kitchen drums with Grandma and her Uncles.
8. Painting.
9. This was the end result of offering crayons - as fun as it was making marks on paper, it was better to pick them out of the box and drop them on the floor...
10. Beautiful light through the hellebore. All this sunshine makes me excited to get back home and start digging in my own garden.


  1. Lovely pictures ... the fabric eggs are a great idea ... and the hellebore is beautiful ... Bee xx

  2. little chubby baby wrists....best thing ever!

  3. What a great week, your pics are lovely! Love the kitchen drums.


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