Thursday, 16 May 2013

12 months

Dear Baby,

Today you turned one. 12 months old. 365 days. 4 seasons. Those newborn days still seem just moments away, yet are so far back in your history. You've changed so much, learnt so much, grown so much. Much more of a little girl than a baby. 

You have been thoroughly spoilt by all those that love you. So many thoughtful cards, messages and presents. A day out to the local animal park, time to play with new toys, and then meatballs and carrot cake for tea. Happy birthday sweet one! 

At 12 months you are:

...Trying to get EVERYWHERE! You are now a super-speedy crawler and cruiser with no fear. You love to walk up and down the length of the sofa - one hand holding the cushions, and the other clutching whichever toy has taken your fancy that day (normally a ball from elefun or the teaball from the treasure basket!) You love to crawl through the living room doorway, with a backwards glance just to check if I've seen you. You're desperate to be able to climb up onto the sofa (especially if you've spotted a remote control) and took great delight in using daddy as a step-up as he lay by the sofa this afternoon. Steady there mountain goat!
...reorganising our shelves/bags/boxes. With all these new found crawling and cruising skills, comes the chance to discover new things. Some of your favourite activities at the moment are pulling all the books out of the shelves, unloading all the nappies from their box, or sifting through the nappy bag in search of treasures.

...chatting all the time. We walk round the supermarket to a narration of 'mamamama / rararara / dadadada / tschtschtsch'. You seem to have whole conversations with yourself now, complete with arm waving gestures. It's SO sweet!

...so in love with teddy. You are always happy to see him and grab him, with a big grin on your face, for a cuddle at every available opportunity. You've even started sharing him - offering teddy to me for a cuddle, but swiftly reaching for him again if I cuddle him for too long!

...starting a new pre-nap game. After much eye rubbing and thumb sucking, I put you down for a sleep. All goes quiet for a few moments, then I hear some excited squeaks over the monitor, and the sound of toys hitting the floor. Then the tears start. I go back up to find you stood up in the cot, pointing at the toys on the floor, saying "daa" (down?). I pick up the teddies and lie you back down. Then you sleep...  

...Loving: tiptoes, drinking the bath water, playing with mummy's watch, keys to jingle, watching the neighbourhood cats in the garden, peekaboo (still!), round-and-round-the-haystack, pears, watching the bunnies at the local pet shop, fiddling with our eyelashes (funny girl!).

...Not liking: wearing sunhats, brushing sore gums (fair enough!), being moved away from something fun (aka dirty/dangerous/both!)

I was going to stop writing these monthly updates when we reached a year, but I so love having them to look back on, to see how she's changed and grown, so I'm going to continue :)


  1. beautiful! i love your sweet list. perfectly comprised by her mama that loves her so so very much! happiest of birthday wishes for your sweet baby ~who is slowly becoming a young girl! xxoo

    1. oh thank you :) yes her baby days seem to be rapidly vanishing before my eyes - toddlerdom approaches!x

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday gorgeous girl. X

  3. Ah, first birthdays are so special, hope you all had a lovely day, especially the little one x

    1. thank you! We had a wonderful day, lots of memory-making x

  4. You paint such a lovely picture of your little girl. I love the fact that she has found her favourite Teddy - I think it took my son a bit longer, maybe until he was 18 months to fix on his. Very soon Teddy became his spokesperson and would come into the kitchen to ask me for snacks.


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