Sunday, 12 May 2013

This Week - May#2

1. Camellias in shadow and sunlight. While I am inclined to think the previous owner of our house went a little overboard with camellias (there are 5 bushes!), I do love this one with the rippled petals. 
2. Tired baby, blue skies. I'm sure there is a photo of me as a baby wearing a similar colour against a similar sky. I'll have to dig it out next time I'm home.
3&4&5. Handmade presents for baby pals. The beanbags proved very popular...
6. A Bank Holiday picnic in the garden. 
7&8. Mastering crawling over the step that has foxed her for a few weeks. (I also love the khaki/coral colour).


  1. Your baby is so SO cute.... And how lovely and summery it s at your place.

  2. Thanks :) the summery feel didn't last unfortunately - a few days of sun and then lots of rain since last week!


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