Saturday, 25 May 2013

This Week: May#4

1. This is her 'I'm SO happy I've got my teddy' face.
2. Scrummy podge baby arms.
3. Digging over the garden in preparation for planting out some veg. These weedy flowers were pulled up, but had to come into the house as I loved the purple colour...
4. ...and they had such sweet heart shaped petals.
5. Serious face. (And look at that hair! Finally!)
6. No window! And look at what we discovered, hidden in the sides of the window...
7. Evening sunshine.
8. Finally getting round to putting up some pictures and decorations in little one's room - I love this bird by Mark Hearld. See more birds here.


  1. Her serious face is adorable!!! Have you been a naughty mummy? Withholding biscuits is a crime against children you know!!!

    So jealous of her beautiful hair growing too! The day I can get a pink girly grip into Wiggles' my life will be complete!!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Haha, more likely to have been withholding (aka, run out of) banana, the girl's obsessed! We're still waaaay off hair clip territory, but definitely into the 'daddy can turn her hairdo into a mohican in the bath' phase!x


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