Saturday, 29 June 2013


"A portrait of my baby, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Sunday afternoon wandering amongst grass taller than you. Happy to get those little legs marching, as long as you have a hand or two to hold. 

This was one of those shots that I just knew I'd have to use for the 52 project shot this week. Even more aptly, this girl has taken her first solo steps this week! Argh! Let the shoe shopping commence! (She's also been saying 'schooosch' !)

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Friday, 28 June 2013

This Week: June#4

1. Reading me a story. I love this dress.
2. I really do.
3. Sunny days + hat avoiders = tent (you can see the flung away hats around her...)
4. New favourite dinner: Courgette, feta and herb risotto. So good and so summery. Makes me look forward even more to when our home grown courgettes will be ready.
5. Post dinner garden strolls with Daddy (and peg).
6. She's like one of the Xmen.
7. Whacking the radiator makes a good sound.
8. Swing-mad this girl.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

White: Nature in the Home

I have a little box in my bedroom, full of seaglass, tiny shells and striped pebbles. All treasures collected from beach trips over the past few years. I always come home from the beach with pockets full of finds - I'm looking forward to staying near the beach in a few weeks' time and filling up my pockets once more. Sitting on pebble banks, sifting through wave-washed colours. Walking, hunched over, at the shore line, spotting the blue and green jewels of glass.

Our garden has mostly gone past its white phase now - the snowdrops are long gone, the Solomon's seal has all died back, and even the dandelions have disappeared. So this week's Nature in the Home comes courtesy of the (far off) shore line. The pearlised white shells, washed smooth by the sea and bleached further by the sun.

There are a few white flowers left in the garden though - and I couldn't resist snipping a few blooms. Un-floral Wednesdays feel slightly odd now! The 'Mock Orange' (Philadelphus) is growing profusely at the moment, ever upwards and outwards. The foxgloves are covering the garden at the moment too. As pure white as their flowers are, I wasn't going to bring them indoors because the bees love them so much (and there's that little thing of them being poisonous!).

Saturday, 22 June 2013


"A portrait of my baby, once a week, every week, in 2013."
She's been trying out a new laugh this week - a proper 'HA HA HA' cackle. It's brilliant. She's tried it out on the swings, when lying on the floor kicking her legs (as she was doing here), when playing peekaboo...it seems to work everywhere!

So this week, not the best photo technically, but it's the best mid-laugh photo, and the one that makes me smile every time I see it.

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My other 52 project photos are here.

Friday, 21 June 2013

This Week: June#3

1. Distraction in the form of noisy toys (sorry neighbours!) while I hang the washing out.
2. This one has a thing for putting her head down on a pillow or cushion at the moment - it's even better if she can come and lie her head down next to yours. (And it's very sweet too!) 
3. Discovering new flowers tucked away in hidden corners of the garden. Love the contrast of the violet and yellow.
4. The burnt red colour of these roses is amazing - not what I'd normally choose but beautiful all the same.
5. My mini mountain goat has enjoyed clambering on top of sofa cushions this week.
6. Grow, salad, grow!
7. New toys, bought with birthday money. I think I like them more than she does...
8. Someone came to say hello.
9. Still waiting.
10. Just for you Holly - pear update! Looking more of a pear-y shape with a better colour, but still tiny!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sweet Peas: Nature in the Home

This week's theme was 'a gift'. It had me stumped until I spotted my sweet peas are just starting to flower. My lovely mama had brought some spare potted-up sweet peas with her the last time she came to visit - so now I have three big pots of these lovely fleurs whizzing up canes by my front door and back window. I can't remember what type of sweet peas these are (possibly something ripple-y) but they smell as divine as they always do, and are brightening up my bedside table with a few extra bits of French lavender and cool green sedum to fill out the little jam jar.

A little late joining in with Lou's Nature in the Home this week - I don't know where the time is going at the moment. (Actually I do, I've recently taken over as editor for our local NCT magazine - all my time is going into that!).

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Photo from here
Back when I rekindled my love affair with my blog, once I had lost that newborn baby fog and regained some brain power, I wrote an 'About Me' section (look, it's just up there) that said I was going to write about books I was reading. Ahem. When was the last time I read a book from cover to cover? Ermmm. It was definitely this year. I think. Perhaps March?! As a bit of a bookworm, my lack of reading real-life books pains me somewhat. I used to be that child that would read the back of the cereal packet just to have something to read over breakfast. As a young teen, I systematically worked my way through the entire series of The Babysitter's Club, and whilst at Uni, I spent my days working through great tomes as part of my English Lit degree. Hence why, now, it feels odd to not have my nose in a book all the time. I read a lot of blogs, which I suppose is like reading an unfinished novel, just another part of the story. And I read a lot of children's books too, although as some of these only have 6 words in, I'm not entirely sure they count.

As I've mentioned before, we are lucky to live only a ten minute walk away from our library, and a very lovely library it is too. The children's section is brilliant and is built to be clambered over, under and round. With lots of comfy beanbags, plenty of crawling baby height shelves, and so many brilliant books, it's a staple visit of our week. So last weekend, after picking up a stack of colourful, noisy, flappy books for a certain girl, we wandered upstairs to the grown-up book section. By this point I had a grouchy baby who wanted her tea, so my visit was hasty and I grabbed the books with covers that appealed or with titles that sounded intriguing. So my stack of books includes 'Lucky Bunny' by Jill Dawson, 'The Kitchen House' by Kathleen Grissom and 'Jack the Lad and Bloody Mary' by Joseph Connolly. I'm hoping that by showing the big, wide world these books, it might make me read them...

And just as proof that I really DO judge a book by its cover:

Monday, 17 June 2013

a very English afternoon

Once a year, the green-fingered folk of Stogumber village open up their gardens and let the public come and see the results of all their hard work. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, with the promise of cake later on, we spent a happy few hours wandering down cobbled lanes, past village houses full of history, making our way from garden to garden.

Highlights were the hammock (so much so I've already pictured it here and here), the chap carrying a parrot round the gardens on his shoulder, the house of the seven crosses, the friendly bearded dog that Baby so loved, the sheep baa-baa-ing away over the fence, and the many, many beautiful flowers. The list of plants I want to put in my garden grows ever longer.

I could waffle on about the peonies, roses and clematis but I'll let the pictures tell the story...  

A very English afternoon. (I fear I am middle-aged before my time though, I enjoyed it so much!)