Sunday, 16 June 2013

13 months

Dear Baby,

You are most definitely on the path to toddler-hood now. Asserting yourself more and more as you become more independent: Nappy change? I don't think so, I'm crawling off. Cucumber? Pah! That's heading floor-wards! Hat? No thanks, I'll pull that off and throw it far away. Despite our carpet of cucumber, life with you around is incredibly fun and full of smiles. As sad as part of me is that you are no longer that teeny baby, I'm so excited to see what's next!

At 13 months you are:

Standing alone...as long as you don't realise what you're doing. Should you twig that you are NOTHOLDINGONTOANYTHINGARGH, you sit down, bump! on the floor, with a look of relief on your face. You're still cruising around the furniture at breakneck speeds, and have also worked out how to move between furniture using the walls to balance yourself. Nowhere is safe anymore...

Starting to copy sounds you hear more and more. You've been a chatty girl for a while, holding court with yourself on a variety of important topics (probably cheese, teddy, wooden spoons and pulling mummy's hair), and saying mamama and dadada at every opportunity, but no other 'real' words. But, cats are very popular at the moment (you were fascinated by one in Grandma and Grandad's garden the other day, and were desperate to go and stroke it) and we've heard you utter 'miaow' twice now. Perhaps you're more kitten than toddler.

Joining in! Twinkle twinkle has always been a favourite, and you now twinkle your starry hands, and put your fingers together like I do to make the top of the diamond. I love this! You point at the ceiling in Wind the Bobbin (perhaps this is why you point all the time?!), clap your hands in If You're Happy and You Know It, and the look of anticipated excitement on your face during Zoom Zoom Zoom is just brilliant.

Much more Daddy-focused. You've been so Mummymummymummy, it's nice that Daddy is getting some more adoration now. You cry when he leaves for work in the morning, and do the best giggles complete with leg waggles when he arrives back from work in the evening. Your current favourite Daddy game is the 'Daddy is chasing me up the stairs playing peekaboo as Mummy carries me' - even when you're a sleepyhead with eyes that are nearly closing, Daddy innocently walking up the stairs behind us as we head bed-wards is enough to elicit big laughs.

Napping for longer and longer. Your afternoon naps are now often near to the 2 hour mark, with me whizzing through jobs and then wondering what to do with myself when I find you're still asleep (mostly cups of tea and Australian Masterchef this week). It's no surprise really, you're so busy all the time, you must wear yourself out! You've also stopped playing the pre-nap game you were such a fan of 4 weeks ago - Teddy rarely gets thrown over the side of the cot now, to his relief.

A water-baby! You've always loved bath time and the swimming pool, kicking your legs and splashing happily. Last week at the pool we discovered there's a big barrel of armbands to borrow, so we togged you up in a pair of those, plus a rubber ring so that you'd properly float. You were so happy! A little unsure at first, and wanting my hands to still support you, but with the lure of a squeaky yellow duck, you were kicking those legs with a big grin on your face. I can see armbands are going to become an essential part of our swimming kit now.

Loving: keys to jingle, yoghurt, cats and dogs, your drum, 'helping' me hang the washing out, playing with the pegs, teddy, twinkle twinkle, apple, pulling the books off the shelf, pulling your clothes out of their drawers, walking with your trolley, picture books, fiddling with the clip on your highchair.

Not liking: wearing hats (still...), being made to have your nappy changed, big pasta, wearing a bib, not being able to play with the remote/my phone/the TV.


  1. Oh my Helen! You could be writing this about Wiggles, she is just the same!! Hats, nappies, standing, yapping! Now if you could just get your gorgeous girl to have a word with her about nap length?

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Haha, I'll see what I can do! The longer nap thing is only quite recent - perhaps the past 2 weeks or so - and I think Wiggles is a few weeks younger than Isla? Come on Wiggles, nap nap nap! Ooh I have also been putting her in a light sleeping bag for naps recently too so that could have something to do with it too? These babies, they like to keep us on our toes! x


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