Monday, 17 June 2013

a very English afternoon

Once a year, the green-fingered folk of Stogumber village open up their gardens and let the public come and see the results of all their hard work. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, with the promise of cake later on, we spent a happy few hours wandering down cobbled lanes, past village houses full of history, making our way from garden to garden.

Highlights were the hammock (so much so I've already pictured it here and here), the chap carrying a parrot round the gardens on his shoulder, the house of the seven crosses, the friendly bearded dog that Baby so loved, the sheep baa-baa-ing away over the fence, and the many, many beautiful flowers. The list of plants I want to put in my garden grows ever longer.

I could waffle on about the peonies, roses and clematis but I'll let the pictures tell the story...  

A very English afternoon. (I fear I am middle-aged before my time though, I enjoyed it so much!)


  1. We visited an Open Garden on Sunday and had such a lovely time - a whole village of them sounds like heaven. We had the middle aged conversation too but then Mr K pointed out I was doing it in my twenties as well! The hammock would definitely be the highlight for me! Jane x

  2. Oh such beautiful pictures and what a gorgeous place to view them. Don't think I'd have got out of the hammock though! x

  3. What a beautiful place - enhanced by lovely photos!

  4. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place ... Bee xx

  5. And what beautiful photos they are x

  6. I dream of an English garden (and village) like this...one day.

    A beautiful afternoon.

    Nina x


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