Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hedgerow: Nature in the Home

As I wandered home from feeding the ducks and swinging on swings, with a sleeping baby in tow, I remembered the theme for this week's Nature in the Home - hedgerow. There aren't many true hedgerows in the immediate vicinity of our house, but around the local park and racecourse, there are the hedges that contain the rosehips I collect in the autumn, the sloes I wait for until after first frost, and the blackberries I collect until my fingers are purple-stained. It was those hedges we visited on our way home and found swathes of stinging nettles, honeysuckle that had meandered across from the local allotment and knotted brambles, threatening with their spines. But amongst all those were the elegant headed grasses and clouds of cow parsley that are punctuated with bright yellow buttercups. The arrangement is rather rough and ready - a case of grabbing a jar and snipping the stems before the baby woke, but I'll pretend I was just hoping to reflect the wild and natural state the plants had grown in...


  1. I love how everyone's arrangements are similar and yet different this week. I love wild flowers and grasses x

    1. Yes, it's interesting seeing the contents of hedgerows around the country (and world!)x

  2. This is such a pretty arrangement!



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