Friday, 7 June 2013

This Week: June#1

 1. A quiet moment. This one has mastered walking while holding onto the walls, so everywhere is accessible. Eek!
2. This has been the week for carrying around special toys. This XL button was a big favourite to take on tours of the house.
3. It's finally rose season! The beautiful rose bush outside our front door is covered in buds - 35 on the last count. This time last year I remember snipping one off and putting it in a little glass bottle next to the sofa. I spent many hours each day sat there, feeding and feeding my new baby girl. It felt good to decorate my nest.
4. Another toy, clutched in a small hand. This ball was taken all the way to the park, on the swing (and amazingly not dropped!) and all the way home again. Funny girl!
5. Sorbet coloured honeysuckle on our way home from the park.
6. It would appear the cot is still as tasty as it was a few months ago.
7. Colourful summer clothes dancing on the washing line. I love hand-me-downs!
8. Broken monitor.

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