Friday, 14 June 2013

This Week: June#2

1. A'Swinging. We visited the Stogumber Village Open Gardens this week and spent a sunny afternoon exploring lots of beautiful, flower filled gardens (photo heavy blog post coming soon!). This was our favourite garden - as well as all the beautiful plants, there was a hammock, wind chimes and twizzly plastic things - all very baby friendly!
2. These were hiding away in a greenhouse in one of the gardens - loved the colours, almost pastel neon.
3. Mmm, tasty.
4. Father's Day card crayonings.
5. It would seem she even crosses her legs in the highchair. Funny girl.
6. Foxgloves have sprung up all over the garden this week - I'd never noticed how fuzzy they are until I looked at this photo.
7. A tiny, tiny snail (the shell was the size of my little fingernail). So weeny!
8. All the rain we've had this week has been good news for the runner beans. They're shooting up the poles at a rate of knots.

Have a lovely weekend all - Daddy's on baby-care duty this weekend as I finally get to make a start on decorating the dining room! Bring on the paint splattered hair!


  1. Such a nice diary of your week. I love that shot of the succulent, it's great. x

  2. love this, your pictures are amazing and that iddy biddy snail!!!! x


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