Friday, 21 June 2013

This Week: June#3

1. Distraction in the form of noisy toys (sorry neighbours!) while I hang the washing out.
2. This one has a thing for putting her head down on a pillow or cushion at the moment - it's even better if she can come and lie her head down next to yours. (And it's very sweet too!) 
3. Discovering new flowers tucked away in hidden corners of the garden. Love the contrast of the violet and yellow.
4. The burnt red colour of these roses is amazing - not what I'd normally choose but beautiful all the same.
5. My mini mountain goat has enjoyed clambering on top of sofa cushions this week.
6. Grow, salad, grow!
7. New toys, bought with birthday money. I think I like them more than she does...
8. Someone came to say hello.
9. Still waiting.
10. Just for you Holly - pear update! Looking more of a pear-y shape with a better colour, but still tiny!


  1. She's adorable! Liking the pears too...I'm going to start looking up pear recipes for when I'm home! Arg...I'm home soon! Can't wait to munch Isla! xxx

    1. Isla munching AND pear munching - you'll be busy!xxx


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